Customers seeking out next business day deliveries can trust in Transpeed’s fast Hand Carry service. This type of service is a very specialized expedited process where one of our experienced team members will either physically carry or travel with the package to its final destination. We will also have all customs documents prepared ahead of time for a hassle free customs clearance transition.

Most businesses use Hand Carry services to meet tight deadlines or for security purposes. Being as one of the largest providers of this service around the world, we can help your business succeed in delivering all kinds of different size items such as automotive industry vehicles, medical health care products, computer parts or even temperature sensitive controlled items. Whether it is a weekend, holiday or overnight shipping, choosing Transpeed’s personal Hand Carry Services will guarantee delivery of your package anywhere in the world within 24hrs and by next flight out.

If you have any questions about our Hand Carry services, we are always available at any time to answer your questions or concerns by either Line ID: @transpeed, Facebook: transpeed.tsp or Instagram: transpeed1986. So give us a call today at +66 (0) 2249-9001 or email us at