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On  Dec,26th in the late afternoon , we got an urgent inquiry for the critical shipment to Hanoi, VN. The client informed us that their shipment had to arrive at Hanoi on next day in the early morning and we had to pick up the shipment at the client’s warehouse before 7 pm.

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Since there was a big shipment and it was a tough period for booking the airline flight during New Year Season. We had arranged 2 dedicated staffs to handle this shipment and our ground staff work very thoroughly to find the best solution which was fastest flight and had enough loading space at the reasonable rate.

We delivered all the shipment as the passenger’s luggage. So we could guarantee that the critical shipment would be safe.                                                  

When the valuable shipment arrived at Hanoi Airport, we had our global agents to completely take it through the custom clearance.

Although Air-shipping to Hanoi, VN is a very short route but we’ve never been careless to prepare for all needed documents. Unprepared documents means more time for clearing than flying length.

So we will always perfectly prepare all of customs documents ahead of time.


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