Hand Carry Time Critical

Time Critical – Hand Carry service experienced and dedicated passenger (specially selected for each case) will deliver directly to receiver anywhere in the world by Commercial | Next Flight Out Service.

When clients urgently need to deliver cargo or merchandise and forego regular warehouse procedures at both the original and final destinations our staff is ready to send your merchandise accompanied by an in-flight passenger to a specific receiver around the world.

The hand carry service is one of the swiftest means of transporting merchandise, especially under time constraints. The passenger will receive the product from the shipper, and send it directly to the hands of the receiver.

All customs documents are prepared ahead of time, before the cargo arrives. With the help of our global agents, customs clearance within the destination country is fast and hassle-free.

Our prior Time Critical – Hand Carry service : 

Our status update to client: BKK – CMH

[[23.03]] – Delivered ( Job done )

[[22.05]] – On Uber on the way to CNEE

[[21.06]] – Arrived CMH

[[19.22]] – On board to CMH

[[16:05]] – Declared shipment

[[15:50]] – Passed USA immigration

[[15:00]] – Arrived at PHL

[[07:33]] – On board at Doh to PHL

[[05:59]] – At DOH, transferring

[[02:41]] – On board

[[01:10]] – Check in baggage, courier heading to the gate

[[23:10]] – Bundled shipment

[[22:50]] – Export clearance completed

[[22:20]] – Courier arrived at airport and received shipment

[[14:15]] – Picked up shipment

[[08:30]] – Courier completed COVID RT PCR test

[[00:20]] – Job confirmed {START}